Quickly and easily navigate the complexities of aviation regulations and guidance with certainty


SkyRegs puts the universe of aviation-related regulations and guidance at your fingertips.


One-Stop Search

Skyregs combines millions of aviation-related regulations and guidance documents from multiple sources. This includes Advisory Circulars, Airworthiness Directives, Orders, Notices, Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS), and 37 other document types within Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for Aeronautics and Space. Browse to learn about a topic, or search for specific information.


Smart Results

SkyRegs instantly returns a list of documents with summaries sorted by relevance with links to full-text source documents, and related documents. Search for information using full terms, partial terms, keywords, acronyms, regulation number, or document number.  Document History quickly allows users to understand how a topic has changed over time.



SkyRegs ensures that you don’t miss any relevant information. Visual maps graphically depict the universe of relevant documents and how they are connected, with clickable links directly to the full-text source documents.



Save search terms and results to easily revisit important topics at any time. Custom filtering displays only the information that is relevant for a given query.


Certification Basis

Ensure compliance for your aircraft or component. Quickly understand the regulations and guidance that were in place when your aircraft/aircraft component was last certified, and what the requirements are now.